Which Body Shape Are you?

There are 4 distinct Body Types.

The shape of your body is an important clue to what is happening to your organ and hormone health and how those things impact your ability to both gain and lose weight.
In our years of clinical practice we have noticed that people fall into 4 basic categories of body shape.

Each body shape has a dominant organ or gland that effects hormonal health  – which impacts weight gain as well as the anatomical location of where that weight is deposited.

You have probably noticed that some folks have all their weight in their mid-section, some have the weight around their thighs and buttocks,  some people are thin all over except for the “pot belly” they show, while some people have weight distribution all over their body.

Let’s look at each body type and understand the differences:


The adrenal body type shows weight gain around the mid-section – often producing a pendelous or sagging belly.  A common challenge for this body type is the difficulty to fit into clothing – particulaly around the waist.  A lot of folks surrender to the elastic waistband to alleviate this problem!

Stress and the accompanying stress hormones (mostly cortisol) forces the body to increase it’s primal survival response – which is to retain fat around the vital organs in the abdomen.

When the adrenals continue to produce more and more stress homones, calcium is lost through the urine.  This often produces osteoporosis. Another challenge with a decreased amount of calcium is the inability to get proper sleep.  This can be either a difficulty is getting to sleep or staying asleep – or both!

Since major fat-burning hormones are produced in the deep sleep cycles – this becomes a double whammy!

A good thing to do is increase the amount of protein consumed – protein triggers fat-burning hormones, but when the adrenals are producing too many stress hormones, which release too much sugar from the muscles – these fat burning hormones get blocked.


The thyroid body type exhibits weight gain all over the body.  This is a result of a slower metabolism caused by a sluggish thyroid gland.

This lower metabolism can also create suppression of brain function as well – leading to fatigue, depression and indifference.

A low-functioning thyroid gland can also produce chronic fatigue, dry skin, brittle hair and most people feel cold all the time – even having to wear socks to bed to stay warm.

Because of this low metabolism – the body demands quick energy – which sets up carbohydrate and sugar cravings.  These are usually cravings for dense carbohydrates that quickly convert to sugar – breads, pastas, and starches.

A lot of Thyroid body types crave sugar and sugary carbohydrates as well –  cookies, candies, donuts, as well as alcohol, beer, and wine as well.

The biggest problem with burning fat and losing weight while ingesting all this sugar is thae body always will use sugar for energy instead of fat.  Which is why thyroid body types must eliminate sugars and fats and “retrain the body” to start using fat for energy.

OVARY Body Type

The ovary body type shows weight gain around the lower belly, hips and thighs – resulting in the “saddlebag” appearance.  

is a result of excess estrogen – which causes more fat to deposit in these areas.
During Menopause when the ovaries shut down, the adrenal glands begin to produce similar  to what the ovaries previously produced – just in smaller quantities. 

Therefore, if the adrenal glands are fatigues or sluggish, they are unable to behave as teh backup organs to the ovaries.  This person usually begins to have problems with weight gain, hot flashes, fatigue, etc.

LIVER Body Type

The liver body type demonstrates the “pot-belly” look.

This weight distribution is actually fluid that is produced by an unhealthy liver.  This fluid is produced because the liver is unable to produce proteins.

Sometimes called a “beer gut” – because beer (and all alcohol) destroys the liver.

This can be improved by eating high-quality proteins and an abundance of vegetables which takes the stress off the liver and allows it to heal.

The causes of unhealthy liver functions vary – but the most common problems are: the consumption of refined sugars – which include the hidden sugars found in juice and alcohol and the other is constipation.

Constipation causes the liver to become backed up – since the bowels are unable to effectively eliminate toxins from the system.

Liver health is critically important for weight loss because all of the fat burning hormones create their effects through the liver.


What Is Your Body Type?

If you have any questions or want to know more about body types – come to one of our workshops or simply contact us for your complimentary consultation.