The biggest part of any weight loss program is the support . . .

Importance of Knoledge from experts

Our coaches have on-going professional and extensive training courses.  It is important for us to be able to provide you with the best support and knowledge about our successful weight loss method.

We strongly encourage our FREE informational classes to teach you why the Ideal Doctors Weight Loss Method is different from any other “diet”  and how it works in your body to get the desired results.

Once you have committed to the Ideal Doctors Weight Loss Method, you will have:

  • on-going support on a weekly basis with your coach to take measurements
  • weigh-in
  • monthly Body Composition Analysis to monitor your lean mass
  • discussion of any issues/road blocks that have come up and how to overcome them|
  • a journal to keep you on track of daily intake of food, supplements, etc.
  • receive short email messages from Ideal TV to help you along the way (at no cost)
  • cookbooks available written by the famous Chef Verati
  • access to your coach by text or email for any questions
  • access to have a comprehensive blood panel at a low cost to you

Even after you have completed the program (all 4 phases) and you are at your ideal weight, you will still be eligible to come in to be monitored bi-weekly or monthly, your choice.  Ask Sheri about the lifetime tools to help support you!  We will still be there for you!

Contact us for more information and sign up for an informational class to learn more!