Losing weight and keeping it off . . .Results

Ideal Doctors Weight Loss Method is about getting results!  That is why you may have heard it referred to as “Your Last Diet.”

When you follow the protocol, it really will be your last diet. You will see the transformation on the outside of your body as well as on the  inside your body!  It goes hand in hand. You will become much healthier in the process, no doubt!

Have you heard of yo-yo dieting?  Losing muscle mass during the weight loss phase and failing to increase calories slowly to a maintenance level are major reasons for the “yo-yo dieting” so typical in most popular programs.

Most diets go directly from the weight loss mode to maintenance as far as calorie consumption is concerned. We feel, these types of programs promote “food storage” rather than “food burning.

Our method provides a transition from a weight loss protocol to a weight maintenance protocol. The calories you take in will be slowly increased so that your metabolism can keep up with the increased fuel. This is one reason why our success rate is high!

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