Ideal Success Stories :
Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Ideal Success Stories

Susan P - Ideal Doctors Weight Loss Clinic Success

Susan P – Ideal Doctors Weight Loss Clinic Success

Susan’s Testimonial:
I started Ideal Doctors Weight Loss because I had been diagnosed with several diseases. Another big reason was the inflammation in my body caused so much pain. The pain did not allow me to even walk down stairs in the morning. I had to lower myself down step by step, by leaning on the banister. I had tried many different diets over the years but would not be able to stick to any of them until I decided to do the Ideal Doctors Weight Loss Method. It was a huge success for me by losing 12 pounds and a lot of inches from my body in just four weeks!”

Watch Susan’s 3 1/2 minute video here:


Vickie P - Ideal Doctors Weight Loss Success

Vickie P – Ideal Doctors Weight Loss Success


Vickie’s Testimonial:
“I tried a lot of different things to lose weight over time but was never successful at keeping it off.
I could not get up and down off of the floor very easily and was very concerned about the direction my health was headed.
It was not until Dr John Warner started to lose weight using the Ideal Doctors Weight Loss Method and encouraged me to try it also.
In seven months, I lost 50 pounds and 7 pant sizes!
I have been very successfully maintaining my new weight.”




Watch Vickie’s’s 3 minute video here:



Sharon R results with Ideal Doctors Weight Loss

Sharon R results with Ideal Doctors Weight Loss

Sharon’s Testimonial:

“In April 2013 when I started out, I was almost 200 pounds I have lost 54 pounds and I’m at my goal weight and I just feel so much better. I went from a size 16 in clothes to a size 8 which is very exciting for me and in clothes that I never thought I would ever even wear! I didn’t want to feel the way I was feeling when I started Ideal Doctors Weight Loss.
Two weeks after I did start the  program, my joints stopped hurting. I have been able to get off my high blood pressure medicine and my acid reflux medicine. I love walking – now when I walk my feet no longer hurt!
Ideal Doctors Weight Loss worked for me so I hope you give it a try!”

Sharon R Before and After Ideal Doctors Weight Loss

Sharon R Before and After Ideal Doctors Weight Loss

Watch Sharon’s 2.5 minute video here:


Other Testimonials 

“I have tried every diet out there.  This one really works, you just have to follow it.  You have to be faithful.  It only took me three weeks to lose 8.5 lbs.  Having tried all other diets over the years, I developed diverticulitis and it has improved since I have been on Ideal Doctors Weight Loss.  There are so many choices of foods to eat so that makes it easy to stick to.  The coaching is called encouragement – I found it very helpful to meet with Sheri once a week to keep me on track and getting the results I desired.  I want to be the best I can be at my age and in my heart and mind, I know I will be able to maintain my desired weight.”
– Sherry Strath

“My greatest success with Ideal Doctors Weight Loss has been the weight loss of 20 lbs!  It has helped me have a better self-image.  Before starting, I thought it was just another diet.  But it wasn’t.  The coaching helped me get positive answers to my questions and the results I wanted.  The program is easy to follow and teaches discipline about the way we eat.  I know there are comfort foods I don’t need. I am so glad we were encouraged to try it out. I have learned so much from the teachings, such as mixing carbs, fats, sugars and what alcohol does to your system.”
– Ben Garcia

“I also lost 20 lbs by using Ideal Doctors Weight Loss program.  The improvements I have seen are my health is better, my energy better, and my self-image has improved.  I had tried everything to lose weight before this program.  I saw the results in others who had had success with it so I was not skeptical about committing to it.  The coaching helped to give encouragement to keep going.  I love the cookbook, “Taste The Freedom”, the delicious recipes and find it easy to maintain my weight without starving.”
– Gloria Garcia

“Losing 20 pounds in three months  has been my greatest success with Ideal Doctors Weight Loss.  I also had improvements in fitting into a smaller size in clothes, having more energy, and having my blood sugar go to a healthier number.  I had not tried any other diet plans but I was convinced I could do it after seeing Dr’s. John and Gail Warner lose weight on this same program.  The coaching helped me to better understand the program.  I have already recommended Ideal Doctors to other people.”
–  Jim Nakai

“I lost 22 lbs., have more energy, am feeling better and I am able to get into my clothes again!  I am feeling comfortable again.  I never tried any other diets before this one but I was not skeptical because I saw the results with others I know who did it.  I knew that if it worked for them, I could easily do it.  By doing it, I found out this is not a diet, this is learning about nutrition and eating well.  The coaching has helped knowing about different kinds of proteins, as well as being reminded about what proteins to avoid and when.  It is really about lifetime education about eating and nutrition, being healthy and what to eat to maintain health.”
Phyllis O